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Air Ducts Cleaning in Manhattan and surround areas
We use professional equipment such as a HEPA filtrated negative pressure machine and snake brushes. Snake brushes are used to loosen all the dust and debris inside the vents and negative pressure machine that will be hooked up to your system to suck out everything from the inside. Besides we use high-air-pressure to clean all the elements of the system. Our technician will open every register and return grill in order to clean them out too. He will take pictures before the cleaning and after it so you can check that the job is done and that your system is thoroughly cleaned out. If there's a sign of any germs or mold, he will sanitize the system. We offer filtration system upgrade and UV lamp installation if it is necessary.
All the technicians have full PPE protection: they work wearing gloves, shoe covers and face masks; COVID passports are sent upon demand.
We also provide up to 1-year warranty on our services.
We are happy to help you with your project since we have a great experience in the field!
Our company's main policy: no satisfaction - no charge.

The final cost of the work will be made on the spot.
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